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About Me

I am a marriage and family therapist and mental health counselor in Cranston, Rhode Island.  I have a Doctorate in Counseling Psychology and have experience working with children and adults on an individual, couple, and familial basis ranging in ages 2 to 75.  As a wife and a mother, I am passionate about family growth. I have had people close to me experience infertility, miscarriage, childbirth trauma, marital conflict, and postpartum depression and not receive the care and help they needed and deserved.  These are just some of the issues I focus on in my practice.  I have extensive experience working with couples and families preparing for children, managing the changes that occur as families grow, and processing the postpartum changes that can occur. 


While family growth is my passion, it is not the sole focus of my practice.  In addition to these stages of the family growth process, I enjoy helping clients develop mindful and behavioral strategies to promote changes in managing symptoms associated with anxieties, fears, marital concerns, mood changes, and trauma.  I hope that any services I may provide, in person or through any information presented here, will help you on your journey toward the life you desire.

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