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Soul Searching

As I sat down to review what I wanted to share from February's exploration, I found that a theme developed without planning. It seems as though I spent the month of February exploring things related to the soul, it's development, and shifting perspective on the priorities of it.

The Untethered Soul

If you are looking for a way to expand your perspective of the way you live your life and create a shift towards a more mindful experience this is 100% the book for you. By challenging the perceptions of one's preconceived notions and the related responses, this book provides strong insight into the human psyche while presenting a perspective on how to make a positive shift in the way one thinks. While there are suggestions on how to achieve this shift, this book is not explicitly a how-to but more of a mirror for you to examine your experience and where things might need to change. Through this examination the shift that is necessary becomes more clear. It is definitely a book you will want to go through slowly or even listen to and maybe even take notes.

"It is often said that you must go through the darkest night in order to get to the infinite light." ~Michael Singer

The Soul of Money

If I'm being honest I have had a copy of this book for probably 4-5 years and have regularly sat down and tried to read it. Each time I tried to read it I was interrupted by something, really anything else. Looking back I think I allowed myself to be interrupted because money and the feelings that come along with the subject of money can be daunting. After FINALLY reading this book, the stories within helped me work towards a shift in perspective from scarcity to sufficiency. This book is not a how-to but more of an opportunity to examine your perspective and alter that perspective to one that feels better.

"Let your soul inform your money and your money express your soul." ~ Lynne Twist

Fun way to get guidance: The Soul's Journey Lesson Cards

In my resource search this month I came upon these cards. On the days that I found myself struggling with what was next, how to move forward, or just needing a shift in perspective I would pull these out. The cards and the booklet were helpful in mindfulness practices and exploratory journaling.

Favorite Download: Happy Color

I don't know about you but when I was a kid I loooooved color by numbers and coloring in general. This free ($3.99 for no ads) app has been so fun to explore. I have found it to provide a break from social media and satisfaction in completing a picture. Silly, I know...but so fun!!

Favorite Follow: Mindset of Greatness

This instagram page was actually a follow of a follow but I have found it quite inspirational! Everyday a new post is made providing a little positive affirmation or motivation for the day. I hope you find the same enjoyment I have.

While I can't say that every month will be this full. I truly hope that these resources provide you with some support and guidance in your everyday.

Search your soul,

Dr. Katie

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