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Through my personal experience and my practice I have learned some big things about motherhood.

1) It is a job of contradictions. You sit in the middle and have to find balance between hard things like:

Life and loss,

Fear and bravery,

Love and anger,

Questioning everything and trusting,

Confidence and doubt,

Guilt and pride...

And while doing all of this you have to keep a human alive!

2) Another contradiction that gets it's own number is that it is a job that is constantly criticized (even by people you don't know) yet highly praised (being mom is a big deal). Although the praise doesn't often come from the sources you wish it would. (Hint: Kids, thank your moms!)

3) There will be lots of times when you feel like you have no more to give and then you find it from somewhere that is this magical place that only shows up when it's needed.

So with these things in mind:

1) Remember the good news is the balance shows up right when it is needed and then,

Life shines,

Losses are grieved,

Fear is reconciled,

Bravery is rewarded,

Love is shared,

Anger is healed,

The questions are stopped,

Trust is affirmed,

Confidence grows,

Doubt diminishes,

Guilt is quieted, and

Pride is graceful.

2) Support each other instead of criticizing. That's it!

3) Listen to each other. You may be that magical place that is needed during or the grief of a loss, a sleepless night, a bad feeding session, illness, temper tantrums, etc...

No matter the current phase of your journey in motherhood, I hope you find joy and hope in the small moments, balance, the magical places when they show up, and knowing that you are not alone.

Happy Mother's Day,

Dr. Katie

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